Understanding the Actual Definition Of self collect parcel locker

Literally, intelligent parcel Locker means a secure, efficient and effective smart locker that is used to send specific items to the users in their spare time traditionally needed to send store or transfer. So, it differs from the conventional definition of solving state delivery issues. The package locker evolved not for express delivery issues, but since people are focusing on the quality of life and the protection of personal privacy. The future value of the parcel locker depends on what consumers need. It provides:

  • Daily diet supply, such as fresh and fast food, milk, etc
  • Daily life supply, such as dry cleaning, take-away, etc
  • Daily provides distribution such as living supplies, family planning supplies, etc.
  • Security monitoring functions
  • Daily online shopping Distribution such as state pick-up, second-hand recycling
  • Daily life payment such as credit card payment, bus card payment
  • Repair and review, Household management support;
  • Goods exchange, people Advantage, tool rentals;
  • Advertisement and Info posting such as making announcements, print ads, LCD advertisements, etc;
  • Self-help vending, overdue night shopping, etc.

Taking clever locker as E-commerce merchandise or an express shipping tool is a rather narrow definition. The smart parcel locker itself is a tool and the effect of this tool is based upon the use, scope and method.

Three Indicators of this Intelligent Parcel Lockerself collect parcel locker singapore

1) Area Choice: There are Certain criteria forĀ self collect parcel locker singapore focusing area. It is certain requirements to entire express delivery area, including the amount of the families, building area, the amount of residential communities and the ratio of state pieces and families. For top quality releasing area, it often requires 30,000 families as a unit; all buildings should be high-rise buildings, mainly medium-sized community, the entire quantity of this community is not more than 50, and the ratio of state pieces and families should be more than 12 percent.

2) Gear coverage rate: The Intensity determines the result. There are particular prerequisites to the density of parcel machines. With 50% policy rate, some little and medium-sized express companies are prepared to pay, the value of regional stations and advertising starts to highlight. If the density of parcel machines is not high, the total efficiency of express companies would not improve clearly and express companies are not ready to pay the purchase price. With more than policy rate, the delivery efficiency of state companies begins to increase many times more than 80 pieces every day per courier to 200 pieces every day. And it would not be an issue to form self-help charge.