Best ideas to use mink lashes like a guru

Sadly, not everyone was born with thick, long eyelashes. Mascara can just do so much to improve your own lashes. To get a wow look for your eyes attempt some mink lashes. Using them can be a bit intimidating in the beginning. You will be hooked when you get the hang of the way to utilize them.

mink lashes

Here are a few dos and do not those will help you use mink lashes like a professional.


  1. Decide the Type You Enjoy

There are just two types of mink eyelashes. Either person lash you apply one at a time or strip lashes which you apply. Person’s lashes could be a bit trickier and much more time consuming to use. The strip of lashes will provide you with a fuller appearance all along your lash line. These may also be easier for beginners.

  1. Cut Them to Fit

So that you will need to cut them to fit the size of your eye the strip lashes come in a single span. Without adhesive on them, hold them up to your lash line. Trim fit the span of your eye with little nail scissors.

  1. Use the Correct Adhesive

Than what comes in the set, you might want to buy another type of eyelash adhesive. Attempt one that is powerful and that dries clear. Apply each individual lash, or a thin strip to the lashes. Wait for approximately five seconds for the adhesive to dry. Then apply the lashes straight to your lash line on the top eye lid. Press firmly but softly. Then use a thin line of your mascara to make them seem natural as well as eyeliner over the lashes.

Do not:

  1. Use Old Products

As make up you must be sure, your products are sanitary and clean. It is possible for you to reuse only several times to mink lashes. It is additionally crucial that you utilize adhesive which is not old. It becomes difficult to work with and only like bacteria can be gathered by the lashes with time.

  1. Over Do Cosmetics

Make sure to avoid using too large an amount of make up when wearing mink lashes. Your lashes will make your eyes the star of the show. Using an excessive amount of eye shadow could give a clown or spider look. Keep the remainder of your make up natural to improve the lashes.

  1. Remove Improperly

Removing your eyelashes right is equally as important as how you use. Make sure to utilize an eye makeup remover to take off them. One with silicone will help them come off easily without damaging your natural lashes. Utilize a Q Tip and begin in the outer edges. In the event that you just follow these straightforward dos and do not, you can have those jaw dropping eyelashes that will make everyone envious.