World Of Tanks Account: Premium Version Advantages

A premium account in World of Tanks is a special, paid way to make either the starting out and continuous gaming experience more convenient. In particular, it is a very time-efficient option that allows you to spend less time upgrading tanks and earning credits. Additionally, you get an updated, nice-looking bonus hangar. Premium account prices are quite democratic, so you won’t hesitate the rationality of your purchase later on. You can find out about a World of Tanks account that will fit you the best in the catalog:

World of tanks

Main Premium Account Benefits

Playing with premium tanks lets you:

  • get more silver for battles. Elite machines are more efficient at farming. Especially, if we are talking about 5-8 level tanks. There is a certain regularity – the higher a machine’s level is, the simpler it is to earn silver with it. Even the lost battles may turn out to be profitable.
  • rapidly upgrade your crew. You can move a crew from the same class, same nationality tank to a premium vehicle. Several battles later, you can return the fully-upgraded crew back.
  • get more out of a game. Many WoT fans believe that it is much more satisfactory and convenient to play with elite vehicles. Perhaps, that is due to the rareness of machines – not everybody knows their weak points, required to build sufficient opposing tactics. This lets you enjoy the game longer and increase your percentage of wins.


Summarizing all the said above, a paid account will be a great solution for players that don’t wish to spend much time gaining experience and credits. A premium account in WoT is an utterly efficient, rapid way to get full satisfaction from the game, getting to use the best capabilities it provides.